About a year ago I purchased sets one and two of Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid Hydrus Watercolors. I must admit I had little occasion to use most of them given the projects I was working on at the time, but I did use one or two of the colors and thought they were quite nice.

The colors themselves are very bright. A little goes a long way. One drop. Start there. I think the vividness can make this fantastic for fun projects, but I can also see where the intensity would make colour mixing a bit of a challenge. One could easily over-add a colour during the mixing process.

I found the paints easy to use, not grainy, and overall very nice. I will say, the browns seemed a bit gloppy. I am not sure you can see it well in this picture, but it got thick and . . gunky around the rim of the bottle and inside. Shaking did not help the situation much.

I love that sap green. It is gorgeous. As is the Alizarin Crimson.

Gamboge is stunning, but the Hansa Yellow Light was a bit of a let down for me.

Overall I am looking forward to trying these in a full project to see how I like working with them.

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