Yesterday, we had occasion to be walking around the midday hour—a respite from work—when we spied a worm making his way across the sidewalk.  Distant pastures always being greener, he had somehow [...]

Productivity Rules

Somehow or other, my e-mail address was added to a newsletter on productivity.  I am not sure how, as I certainly never signed up for it myself.  Were I more efficient, I would have unsubscribed [...]


Today was the kind of day that compels you to do nothing of any real consequence.  A day in which the wind’s icy fingers and the flat, white sky intonate that the papers and letters, filing and [...]


Three days ago, my teakettle, which has kept me company for as many years as I can remember, twee’d its last.  I would not call ours a relationship, but I had certainly grown accustomed to its [...]

Eager Visitor

Spring got lost yesterday and wound up on our doorstep.  As much as we love her, I must admit her arrival left us less than thrilled.  She was a bit too early and, like anyone who has an [...]