It always pains me to hear someone say “I’m not creative.” In general, I find this means they either associate creativity with drawing, painting, dance, music—the arts as it were and that they’ve tried their hand at one or many so called “artistic endeavors” only to find the results of their efforts leave something to be desired.

While I will concede there seem something mysterious, wonderful, intangible about the muse dropping by, the truth is that there is a lot we can do to help her show up and to be as productive as possible when she does. Creativity is work. It is practice. It is being present every day and expecting that things will get better if we persevere. It is not always fun, but the baby steps are necessary and essential to the final works we show the world.

I hope this video give some thoughts from someone who works as an artist and writer and who has instructed many other creatives.



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